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Individual and group mechanisms of radicalization

Individual and group mechanisms of radicalization

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McCauley, C., & Moskalenko, S. 2010. "Individual and group mechanisms of radicalization."  In L. Fenstermacher, L. Kuznar, T. Rieger, & A. Speckhard (Eds.), Protecting the homeland from international and domestic security threats: Current multidisciplinary perspectives on root causes, the role of ideology, and programs for counter-radicalization and disengagement. Washington, D.C.: Topical multi-layer assessment (SMA) multi-agency and Air Force research laboratory multi-disciplinary white papers in support of counter-terrorism and counter-WMD.   Reprinted as Mechanismen der  Radikalisierung von Individuen und Gruppen, Der Burger im Staat, 2011, 4, 219-224.

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