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Tourism's Vulnerability and Resilience to Terrorism

Tourism's Vulnerability and Resilience to Terrorism


Personal security is a major concern for tourists. Most tourists will seek safe and secure destinations and avoid those that have been plagued by terrorism. This research quantifies the relationship between terrorism and tourism in 95 different countries and territories using international tourism demand models. After controlling for income, we find there is no long run effect of terrorism on international tourism demand and the short run effect is quite limited from a global perspective using panel data models. Only nine countries out of the 95 show a long run impact of terrorism on tourism and 25 countries out of the 95 show a short run impact using time series models, implying that international tourism is resilient to terrorism. The influence of terrorism is diverse in destinations with different political instability, income levels and tourism intensities.

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Liu, Anya and Stephen Pratt. 2017. "Tourism's Vulnerability and Resilience to Terrorism." Tourism Management 60 (June): 404-417. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261517717300018

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