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Publication Title Publication Datesort ascending START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
The Darkest Sides of Politics, I: Postwar Fascism, Covert Operations, and Terrorism January 2018 Bale, Jeffrey Book Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global
Toward More Audience-Oriented Approaches to Crisis Communication and Social Media Research January 2018 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia Book Chapter Risk Communication North America
Advancing Understanding of Tornado Warnings, False Alarms, and Complacency September 2017 Liu, Brooke; Roberts, Holly; Egnoto, Michael Research Brief Risk Communication North America
Profiles of Radicalization in the United States September 2017 Safer-Lichtenstein, Aaron ; LaFree, Gary; Jensen, Michael; James, Patrick Research Brief Radical Beliefs and Behavior
Profiling the CB Adversary: Motivation, Psychology and Decision September 2017 Davenport, Cory; Ackerman, Gary; Tinsley, Herbert; Binder, Markus; Earnhardt, Rebecca (Becca); Sell, Tara Research Brief Chemical and Biological Threats Global
How communication theory can help counter-terrorism stakeholders September 2017 Bean, Hamilton Journal Article
Do 90 Percent of Terrorist Groups Last Less Than a Year? Updating the Conventional Wisdom September 2017 Phillips, Brian Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
N-stage Security Screening Strategies in the Face of Strategic Applicants September 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America
De-constituting al-Qa’ida: CCO theory and the decline and dissolution of hidden organizations September 2017 Bean, Hamilton Journal Article
Application of a Profile Similarity Methodology for Identifying Terrorist Groups That Use or Pursue CBRN Weapons September 2017 Ackerman, Gary; Milward, H. Brinton; Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Breiger, Ronald; Asal, Victor Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements, Chemical and Biological Threats, Radiological and Nuclear Threats
Lethal Combinations: Studying the Structure of Terrorist Networks September 2017 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements
Terrorism Research: Current Issues and Debates September 2017 Wilson, Margaret Book Chapter Terrorism and Society
Examining the Role of Social Media in Effective Crisis Management: The Effects of Crisis Origin, Information Form, and Source on Publics' Crisis Responses August 2017 Liu, Brooke
Book Reviews - Marc Sageman. Turning to Political Violence: The Emergence of Terrorism August 2017 Schmid, Alex Book Review Terrorism and Society Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe
U.S. Muslims with Radical Opinions Feel More Alienated and Depressed August 2017 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia Report Terrorism and Society, Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
The Role of Risk Preferences in a Multi-Target Defender-Attacker Resource Allocation Game August 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Counterterrorism Global
Overview: Terrorism in 2016 August 2017 Miller, Erin Report Terrorism and Society Global
Introducing the AMAR (All Minorities at Risk) Data August 2017 Birnir, Johanna; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan; Gurr, Ted Robert Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Illegal Roaming and File Manipulation on Target Computers: Assessing the Effect of Sanction Threats on System Trespassers’ Online Behaviors August 2017 Maimon, David Journal Article Crime and Terrorism Global
Perspectives on Cybersecurity Information Sharing among Multiple Stakeholders Using a Decision-Theoretic Approach August 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Crime and Terrorism North America
The Impact of the Orlando Mass Shooting on Fear of Victimization and Gun-Purchasing Intentions: Not What One Might Expect August 2017 Kruglanski, Arie Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Individual Behavior North America
Beyond Image Repair: Suggestions for Crisis Communication Theory Development August 2017 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia Journal Article
Do Direct Survivors of Terrorism Remaining in the Disaster Community Show Better Long-Term Outcome than Survivors Who Relocate? August 2017 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Resilience North America
Security Screening Queues with Impatient Applicants: A New Model with A Case Study August 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Counterterrorism
Addicted to Hate: Identity Residual among Former White Supremacists August 2017 Simi, Peter Journal Article Individual Behavior North America


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