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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Image Title Job Title Institution
Bidisha Biswas

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Western Washington University
Bo Jiang, START Bo Jiang

Graduate Research Assistant, START

University of Maryland
Devin Ellis

Policy & Research Program Director, ICONS Project

University of Maryland
Emmanuel Karagiannis Emmanuel Karagiannis

Senior Lecturer of International Relations

King's College
Garret Brooke Tippin Garett Tippin

START Researcher

University of Maryland
Gary Ackerman Gary Ackerman

Director, Unconventional Weapons and Technology Division, START

University of Maryland
Jeffrey Bale

Director of Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program / Associate Professor of International Policy Studies

Monterey Institute of International Studies
Joyce Rasing

Graduate Education Coordinator, START

University of Maryland
Kurt Braddock

Post-doctoral teaching fellow

Pennsylvania State University
Martha Crenshaw Martha Crenshaw

Researcher, Political Science/International Relations

Stanford University
Prabhakar Misra Prabhakar Misra

Professor of Physics

Howard University
Rashmi Singh Rashmi Singh

Lecturer in Terrorism Studies

St. Andrews University
Sharad Joshi

Research Associate

Monterey Institute of International Studies
Steve Sin

Senior Researcher, START

Subject Matter Expert Instructor, National Center for Security & Preparedness

University of Maryland
Yan Jin Yan Jin

Associate Professor of Public Relations

University of Georgia

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