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Through curricular and experiential learning, START educates, mentors and trains the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

U.S. Perspectives on Contemporary Security Issues & U.S.-Australia Cooperation

U.S. Perspectives on Contemporary Security Issues & U.S.-Australia Cooperation

Each June, START hosts 20 Australian graduate students from Macquarie University’s Department of Policing, Intelligence, and Counterterrorism (PICT). Designed to explore the U.S.-Australian security cooperation from the American perspective, students typically visit the Pentagon, Department of State, and Australian Embassy, and engage in dialogues with officials at each location as well as START researchers. The program concludes in New York City at the 9/11 Memorial Museum where the students met with the Vice President for Education and Public Programs at the museum.

The program marks the first time that START has invited students from abroad to participate in an international study program, and was designed to develop students’ academic and career knowledge by connecting Australia’s next generation of security professionals with START researchers and other U.S. experts. For a summary of 2015's program, read START's newsletter story on it here.

For more information on PICT and the Exchange with START contact education@start.umd.edu