Accessing the GTD


Since 2001, START has compiled and published the GTD™ for use by scholars, analysts, financial modelers, journalists, security professionals, and policy makers.  It has been our privilege to work closely with these user communities to continually improve the data and inform stakeholders.


Since 2012, the majority of the costs of collecting the GTD have been funded by the U.S. State Department. Our contract with the State Department ended in May 2018 and, although we received only positive feedback from the Bureau of Counterterrorism, we learned that we were not awarded a follow-on contract for GTD collection.


To better enable us to continue to provide the GTD for free to those who use it for scholarly research, we made the decision in 2019 to engage on a commercial basis with other users who value the GTD.  To allow us to focus on the continual improvement of the data, we have partnered with a distribution partner to engage with commercial users.  


Our distribution partner CHC Global, has expertise of delivering terrorism analytics in the public and private sectors. Importantly, they share our commitment to distributing the GTD widely to those who work to understand and defeat terrorism, making them ideal partners.  


User Selection

Since October 2019, the GTD is available without a fee only for individual, rather than organizational use. Individual use is defined as:

“Individual Use” shall mean the use under license to an individual of the Licensed Intellectual Property Rights for scholarly, educational, research purposes, or other not-for-profit purposes and not involving the use of the Licensed Intellectual Property Rights to perform services for a fee or to produce or manufacture products for sale to third parties.

In order to qualify to access the GTD for free you must therefore meet the following criteria:

  • You must be using the GTD in your personal capacity and not on behalf of an entity of any type.
  • You must be using the GTD only for scholarly, educational or research purposes.
  • You must not use the GTD for commercial purposes.

United States Government users should select “Organizational Use” and fill out the brief form to request access using a .gov or .mil email address. For more information, please see the FAQ regarding USG employees and contractors.

All users can access the search and browse function of the GTD site, subject to agreeing to the non-commercial terms of use.

Please select which best describes you:

Individual Use

I want to access the GTD for personal, non-commercial research purposes.

Organizational Use

 I want to access the GTD for purposes other than personal research.

If you’re unsure if you or the organization you represent meet the definition for organizational use, please complete the contact form for licensing inquiries and explain your situation in the comments box. We will be in touch to discuss your question.

Get in Touch

We welcome questions and feedback from users. For the quickest answers, please consult our FAQs to see if your question has already been addressed before submitting it using the form below. 

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