Incident Summary:

04/23/1984: Seven members of The Order, Bruce Carroll Pierce, Robert Mathews, Gary Lee Yarbrough, Randolph Duey, Denver Parmenter, Andrew Virgil Barnhill, and Richard Kemp, robbed Continental Armored Transport truck employee, George King, at the Northgate Mall in Seattle, Washington, United States. Using his car, Parmenter pinned the armored truck into a corner, while Pierce and Duey posed as window washers between an office supply store and a store called Bon Marche, concealing their weapons. As George King was returning to the money compartment of the truck from Bon Marche, Pierce and Duey pulled their guns on King and the truck driver, Robert White, demanding they surrender their guns and get out of the truck or die. At this point, Yarbrough pulled alongside with Mathews in their van, and Barnhill got out of the Chrysler he was driving, and also brandished a gun. Kemp was also at the scene with a shotgun, and the armored truck employees were forced to the back of the truck, while the perpetrators stole about $536,000 in cash and checks combined, $301,334 of which was in checks and subsequently burned. One shot was fired during the attack, but no one was hit and there were no casualties.



United States

North America

region/u.s. state:



Location Details:
at Northgate Mall, on the east side of Interstate 5 at 1105th Street

Attack Information
Type of Attack (more) Armed Assault
Type of Attack (more) Facility/Infrastructure Attack
Successful Attack? (more) Yes
Target Information (more)
Target Type: Business
Name of Entity Continental Armored Transport
Specific Description armored truck, and employees of the company, George King and Robert White
Nationality of Target United States
Additional Information
Hostages No
Ransom No
Property Damage Yes
Extent of Property Damage Minor (likely < $1 million)
Value of Property Damage $536,000.00
Weapon Information
Type Sub-type
Firearms Handgun
Firearms Rifle/Shotgun (non-automatic)
Firearms Rifle/Shotgun (non-automatic)
Weapon Details
9mm semi-automatic; shotgun; .308 caliber Heckler & Koch 91 rifle; .223 caliber ruger mini-14
Additional Information
Suicide Attack?No
Part of Multiple Incident?No
Criterion 1 (more) Yes
Criterion 2 (more) No
Criterion 3 (more) Yes
Additional Information This was the second time that victim, George King, was targeted at his armored truck, merely by chance; the perpetrators did not know he would be driving the truck again, as in the robbery in March. Additionally, one day prior to this robbery, the perpetrators bombed Embassy Theater, a theater showing pornographic movies in downtown Seattle, as a diversionary tactic for this robbery (198404220016). Around 11am, the perpetrators called the Embassy Theater warning of a second bomb (although no bomb was present), hoping the police would take the threat seriously due to the bomb from the day before. An hour later, around 12pm, about three hours prior to the robbery, the perpetrators unloaded several boxes of roofing nails into a highway tunnel, hoping to cause a traffic jam due to flat tires, and further divert police. However, the traffic jam failed, and traffic proceeded as usual. Around 3:00pm, the robbery took place. All the perpetrators except Mathews and Parmenter were eventually captured, convicted and sentenced for their crimes. Mathews died in a fire in the midst of a shoot out with police, when he refused to surrender, and Parmenter became a star witness for the prosecution in the Seattle trial, but was sentenced to prison time for his other crimes while in The Order.
Perpetrator Group Information
Group Name Claimed Responsibility
The Order (Silent Brotherhood) No
Perpetrator Statistics
Number of Perpetrators 7
Number of Captured Perpetrators 5
Casualty Information
Total Number of Casualties 0 Fatalities / 0 Injured
Total Number of Fatalities 0
Number of U.S. Fatalities 0
Number of Perpetrator Fatalities 0
Total Number of Injured 0
Number of U.S. Injured 0
Number of Perpetrators Injured 0
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