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Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology

Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology


Suicide bombing can be understood as a technology that successfully integrates people, cultures, and hardware into precise, intelligent, lethal weapons systems. Lacking access to the sophisticated electronic guidance systems of their enemies, terrorists have developed a cost-effective alternative technology by using social and cultural pressure to convert human beings into guidance systems for terrorist ordnance. This demonstrates that while terrorists tend to be imitative in their technologies, they can still be effective and difficult to predict. A significant implication that arises from this discussion is that the American tendency to assume that “high-tech” devices will automatically confer an advantage on the United States in the struggle against terrorism should be reconsidered.

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Lewis, Jeffrey. 2007. "Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology." Terrorism and Political Violence (June): 223-245. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09546550701246890#.Ulv4ZhDikck

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