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The Preconditions for Ethnic Suicide Bombing Campaigns, 1991-2003

The Preconditions for Ethnic Suicide Bombing Campaigns, 1991-2003


This paper focuses on the societal preconditions for suicide attacks specifically in the context of Minorities at Risk from 1991-2003. The paper further advances the literature on suicide attacks by analyzing in a quantitative fashion using broad cross national data to build a model of the societal conditions that are conducive to suicide attacks. Currently there is very little quantitative analysis of suicide terrorism and most of the existing efforts have focused on either one or two groups or one or two countries. The analysis finds that ongoing high levels of rebellion, high levels of discrimination, differences in religion , and an autonomous past are all positively and significantly related to the use of suicide attack campaigns. Islam and a democratic host country are not found to be significant factors in explaining the societal preconditions of suicide attack campaigns

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Asal, Victor. 2006. "The Preconditions for Ethnic Suicide Bombing Campaigns, 1991-2003." Presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Diego. http://citation.allacademic.com/meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/1/0/0/0...

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