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Psychosocial consequences of disaster: A review of past research

Psychosocial consequences of disaster: A review of past research


The question of whether disasters influence mental health has been studied extensively. In this chapter, we provide a general overview of this body of research. We describe the various psychosocial consequences of disasters, the overall magnitude and duration of effects, and risk factors for adverse outcomes. We also summarize the methods that have been used in these studies and draw tentative conclusions about methodological trends. Our hope is that, by having better access to what is already known, future investigators will plan methodologically and conceptually stronger studies than have many investigators in the past. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)

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Norris, Fran, and Carrie Elrod. 2006. "Psychosocial consequences of disaster: A review of past research." In Methods for disaster mental health research, eds. Fran H. Norris, Sandro Galea,Matthew J. Friedman, and Patricia J. Watson. New York, NY:Guilford Press, 20-44.

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