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The State of State Repression Research Since the 1990s

The State of State Repression Research Since the 1990s


Researchers have been exploring government repressive behavior for decades, but the greatest improvements have come in the last two.  For example, greater theoretical specification has allowed us to determine a great deal about what repression is and why it occurs, while greater methodological sophistication has allowed us to test these theories rigorously.  Despite or rather because of these advancements, however, we know comparatively little about what impact repression has on other social, economic, and political phenomena.  This article reviews our general knowledge of the topic and attempts to improve our understanding of how repressive action influences behavioral challenges to governments.

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Davenport, Christian, and Molly Inman. 2012. "The State of State Repression Research Since the 1990s." Terrorism and Political Violence 24:619-634. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09546553.2012.700619

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