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Terrorist Rehabilitation: Genesis, Genealogy and Likely Future

Terrorist Rehabilitation: Genesis, Genealogy and Likely Future


With the rise of religiously motivated violence and terrorism, governments around the world need to develop their religious and ideological capabilities in parallel with strengthening their law enforcement, military and intelligence capabilities. Terrorist Rehabilitation: A New Frontier in Counter-terrorism aims to provide an understanding of the importance of the approach and strategy of terrorist rehabilitation in countering this threat.

Comprising of nine chapters, this book provides case study assessments of terrorist rehabilitation practices set against the backdrop of their unique operational and geopolitical milieu in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This will help the reader to form a foundational understanding of the concept of terrorist rehabilitation by combining the insights, successes and experience of senior government officials and counter-terrorism experts. In addition, the contributors provide discussions on religious concepts that have been manipulated by violent Islamists as a background to understanding religiously or ideologically motivated terrorism and the avenues open for countering it.

Readership: Security practitioners interested in new approaches to countering the threat of violent extremism and terrorism from a perspective of terrorist rehabilitation, including counter-terrorism officials, senior police officers and managers involved in counter-terrorism, and non-government organisations and policy-makers with a specific interest in counter-terrorism; graduate students and researchers in the field of security studies and counter-terrorism.

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Gunaratna, Rohan. 2015. "Terrorist Rehabilitation: Genesis, Genealogy and Likely Future." In Terrorist Rehabilitation: A New Frontier in Counter-terrorism, eds. Rohan Gunaratna and Mohamed Bin Ali. London: Imperial College Press, 3-20. http://www.worldscientific.com/doi/abs/10.1142/9781783267446_0001

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