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Unholy Alliances: Evidence on Linkages between Trans-State Terrorism and Crime Networks: The Case of Bosnia Ted Robert Gurr Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements, Crime and Terrorism Eastern Europe
Cross-National Patterns of Terrorism: Comparing Trajectories for Total, Attributed and Fatal Attacks, 1970-2006 Gary LaFree, Laura Dugan Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
On the Fifth Anniversary of the 7/7 London Transit Attack Background Report Terrorism and Society Western Europe
Physical Integrity Rights and Terrorism James A. Piazza Journal Article Counterterrorism North America
Party of Islamic liberation in the 'Stans. Review of Emmanuel Karagiannis, 'Political Islam in Central Asia' Clark McCauley Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Central Asia
Narratives and counter-narratives for global jihad: Opinion versus action Christian Leuprecht, Clark McCauley, Sophia Moskalenko Book Chapter Countering Violent Extremism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Global
The Business of Healing: Focus Group Discussions of Readjustment to the Post-9/11 Work Environment Among Workers of Affected Agencies Betty Pfefferbaum Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication North America
Prisons and Terrorism: Radicalisation and De-radicalisation in 15 Countries Peter Neumann Report Deradicalization Global
Boomerang: Opinion versus Action in the Radicalization of Abu-Mulal al-Balawi Clark McCauley Journal Article Individual Behavior, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Middle East and North Africa
Schools in the Shadow of Terrorism: Psychosocial Adjustment and Interest in Interventions Following Terror Attacks Betty Pfefferbaum, Rose Pfefferbaum Journal Article Resilience North America
Rethinking Violence: States and Non-State Actors in Conflict Erica Chenoweth Book Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements
Recent U.S. Thinking about Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Babysteps towards a Dynamic View of Asymmetric Conflict Clark McCauley, Sophia Moskalenko Journal Article Counterterrorism Global, North America
All Terrorism Is Local: Resources, Nested Institutions, and Governance for Urban Homeland Security in the American Federal System Erica Chenoweth Journal Article Counterterrorism North America
Discovery Communications Building Hostage-Taking Background Report Terrorism and Society North America
Apparent Intended Lethality: Toward a Behavioral Model of Intention to Harm in Single Issue Bombing Campaigns Margaret Wilson START Reports Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global
The Security Dimension of Pakistan's Floods Rashmi Singh Journal Article Terrorism and Society South Asia
Surveying American State Police Agencies about Lone Wolves, Far-Right Criminality, and Far-Right and Islamic Jihadist Criminal Collaboration Joshua Freilich, Steven Chermak Journal Article Crime and Terrorism North America
Reactions to the War on Terrorism: Ethnic Group Differences in the 2007 Pew Poll of American Muslims-Final Report Clark McCauley START Reports Terrorism and Society Global, North America
Death in a Small Package: A Short History of Anthrax Susan Jones Book Chemical and Biological Threats Global
Thinking about the Law of Unintended Consequences Rashmi Singh Journal Article Counterterrorism Middle East and North Africa
Serious Emotion Disturbance Among Youth Exposed To Hurricane Katrina Two Years Post-Disaster Betty Pfefferbaum Journal Article North America
Political Islam in the Former Soviet Union: Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan Compared Emmanuel Karagiannis Journal Article Terrorism and Society Central Asia
Why the United States is Targeted by Terrorism Martha Crenshaw Conference Paper Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Global, North America
Package Bombs on Cargo Planes Background Report Terrorism and Society
RCPGP Warning System Integration Research Project Final Report Dennis Mileti, Hamilton Bean START Reports Risk Communication North America