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Publication Title Sort descending Publication Date Sort descending START Authors Type Sort ascending Research Areas Regions
START Symposium 2015: Individual Radicalization Panel Presentation Individual Behavior
START Training Program Overview Project Fact Sheet
State Capacity and Terrorism: A Two-Dimensional Approach Joseph Young Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
State Terrorism Research and Critical Terrorism Studies: An Assessment Martha Crenshaw Book Chapter Terrorism and Society
States and Peoples in Conflict: Transformations of Conflict Studies Mark Lichbach Book Terrorism and Society Global
Statistical Analysis of Event Data Concerning Boko Haram in Nigeria (2009-2013) John Stevenson START Reports Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements Sub-Saharan Africa
Stereotypes as Valid Categories of Knowledge and Human Perceptions of Group Differences Clark McCauley Journal Article
Stochastic Opponent Modeling Agents: A Case Study with Hezbollah Amy Pate, Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Mary Michael Conference Paper Terrorism and Society Middle East and North Africa
Strategic Communication and U.S. National Security Affairs: Critical-Cultural and Rhetorical Perspectives Hamilton Bean Book Chapter Counterterrorism North America
Strategic Terrorism: The Framework and Its Fallacies Peter Neumann Journal Article Terrorism and Society
Strategic Uses of the Internet by Hizbut Tahrir-Indonesia Douglas M. McLeod Book Chapter Counterterrorism Southeast Asia
Strategies for Improved Hospital Response to Mass Casualty Incidents Elise Miller-Hooks Journal Article Resilience North America
Street-level Repression: Protest, Policing, and Dissent in Uganda Brandon Behlendorf Journal Article Individual Behavior Sub-Saharan Africa
Structural Differences of Violent Extremist Offenders in Correctional Settings Christian Leuprecht Journal Article Crime and Terrorism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
Studying Terrorism Empirically: What We Know About What We Don’t Know Aaron Safer-Lichtenstein, Gary LaFree Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Sub-state Actors' Threats to International Security: Religious Extremists and Terrorist Groups Sharad Joshi Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements Global
Sudden Desistance from Terrorism: The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia and the Justice Comandos of the Armenian Genocide Clark McCauley, Gary LaFree, Laura Dugan Journal Article Deradicalization, Disengagement Central Asia
Suicide Attack at Moscow Airport Background Report Violent Groups and Movements Western Europe
Suicide Attack on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan Background Report Violent Groups and Movements South Asia
Suicide Bombers – Martyrs, Heroes or Victims? Rashmi Singh Book Chapter Terrorism and Society Middle East and North Africa
Suicide Bombers in Iraq, 2003-2010: Disaggregating Targets Can Reveal Insurgent Motives and Priorities Clark McCauley Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Middle East and North Africa
Suicide Terrorism Assaf Moghadam Book Chapter Terrorism and Society Global
Suicide Terrorism Rashmi Singh Book Chapter Terrorism and Society
Support for the Caliphate and Radical Mobilization Douglas M. McLeod Research Brief Counterterrorism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia
Supporting A Multidisciplinary Approach to Addressing Violent Extremism: What Role Can Education Professionals Play? Stevan Weine Research Brief Countering Violent Extremism