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Publication Titlesort descending Publication Date START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
The Scared, the Outraged, and the Anxious: How Crisis Emotions, Involvement, and Demographics Predict Publics' Conative Coping April 2016 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia; Jin, Yan Journal Article Individual Behavior, Resilience North America
The Security Dimension of Pakistan's Floods September 2010 Singh, Rashmi Journal Article Terrorism and Society South Asia
The Situated Contexts of American Terrorism: A Conjunctive Analysis of Case Configurations April 2019 Smith, Brent; Gruenewald, Jeff Journal Article Crime and Terrorism, Counterterrorism North America
The Social Psychological Makings of a Terrorist February 2018 Kruglanski, Arie Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior, Deradicalization Global
The Softest of Targets: A Study on Terrorist Target Selection July 2009 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
The SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication March 2020 Schoch-Spana, Monica; Sell, Tara Kirk Journal Article Resilience, Risk Communication
The Stasi-Meinhof Complex? June 2013 Vielhaber, David Journal Article Terrorism and Society Western Europe
The State of State Repression Research Since the 1990s July 2012 Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Individual Behavior Global
The Strategic Logic of Terrorism June 2017 Crenshaw, Martha Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements Global
The Strategy of Terrorism: How it Works, and Why it Fails (Contemporary Terrorism Studies) September 2008 Neumann, Peter Book
The Strategy of Terrorism: The Framework and Its Fallacies January 2007 Neumann, Peter Journal Article
The Structure of Success: How the Internal Distribution of Power Drives Armed Group Behavior and National Movement Effectiveness January 2014 Krause, Peter Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
The Study of Mobile Public Warning Messages: A Research Review and Agenda February 2015 Liu, Brooke; Mileti, Dennis; Bean, Hamilton; Sutton, Jeannette; Wood, Michele; Madden, Stephanie Journal Article Risk Communication
The Study of Terrorist Leadership: Where Do We Go From Here? February 2017 Hofmann, David Journal Article Individual Behavior Global
The Talking Cure? Communication and Psychological Impact in Prison De-radicalisation Programmes February 2014 Braddock, Kurt Book Chapter Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior, Deradicalization, Disengagement Global
The Terrorism Recidivism Study (TRS): Examining Recidivism Rates for Post-9/11 Offenders April 2019 Hodwitz, Omi Journal Article Crime and Terrorism North America
The Terrorists' Planning Cycle: Patterns of Pre-incident Behaviors January 2017 Smith, Brent; Damphousse, Kelly; Roberts, Paxton Book Chapter Terrorism and Society North America
The Transnational Security Threat from D-Company January 2015 Joshi, Sharad Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
The True Meaning of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism November 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
The Trust Paradox in Nuclear Smuggling December 2015 Murauskaite, Egle Journal Article Crime and Terrorism, Radiological and Nuclear Threats Global
The Utility of Narratives for Promoting Radicalization: The Case of the Animal Liberation Front January 2015 Braddock, Kurt Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Global
The War Within: A Look Inside al-Qaeda's Undoing August 2016 Brachman, Jarret Book Terrorism and Society Middle East and North Africa
The Way Forward on Counter-Terrorism: Global Perspectives August 2016 Schmid, Alex Journal Article Counterterrorism Global
Thinking about the Law of Unintended Consequences October 2010 Singh, Rashmi Journal Article Counterterrorism Middle East and North Africa
Threat, Dehumanization, and Support for Aggressive Retaliatory Policies in Asymmetric Conflict February 2008 McCauley, Clark Journal Article


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