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Publication Titlesort descending Publication Date START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
"Causas del Terrorismo: Politica April 2005 Crenshaw, Martha Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
"Comments on John Mueller, 'Six Rather Unusual Propositions about Terrorism October 2005 Crenshaw, Martha Journal Article
"Counterterrorism in Retrospect: Chronicle of a War Foretold," November 2004 Crenshaw, Martha Book Chapter Terrorism and Society, Counterterrorism North America
"Deterring Nuclear or 'WMD' Terrorism," Prepared for presentation to the Conference on "Deterring Terrorism: Theory and Practice February 2010 Crenshaw, Martha Conference Paper Counterterrorism, Radiological and Nuclear Threats Global
"I'm down for a Jihad": How 100 Years of Gang Research can Inform the Study of Terrorism, Radicalization and Extremism February 2015 Pyrooz, David C.; Decker, Scott H. Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements, Crime and Terrorism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Global
#JESUISPARIS?: An Appeal to Hypocrisy and Justifications for Mass Casualty Violence October 2019 Ligon, Gina Scott Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America, Western Europe
'Defensive Liberal Wars’: The Global War on Terror and the Return of Illiberalism in American Foreign Policy March 2015 Singh, Rashmi Journal Article Terrorism and Society Middle East and North Africa
'Designing Danger': Complex Engineering by Violent Non-State Actors: Introduction to the Special Issue April 2016 Ackerman, Gary Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements, Counterterrorism Global
100 Years of Irish Republican Violence April 2016 Horgan, John Journal Article Terrorism and Society Western Europe
2005 Events and Outcomes: Hurricane Katrina and Beyond November 2006 Book Chapter
A Call to Arms: The Need for More Psychological Research on Terrorism June 2016 Horgan, John Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
A Case Study of Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, and Risk Communication in a Coastal Community June 2019 Petrun Sayers, Elizabeth Book Chapter Risk Communication
A Community Level Comparison of Terrorism Movements in the United States July 2016 Smith, Brent; Gruenewald, Jeff; Fitzpatrick, Kevin; Roberts, Paxton Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America
A Comparative Study of Initial Involvement in Gangs and Political Extremism October 2020 Pyrooz, David C.; LaFree, Gary; James, Patrick; Decker, Scott H. Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior North America
A Comparison of ISIS Foreign Fighters and Supporters Social Media Posts: An Exploratory Mixed-method Content Analysis November 2019 Freilich, Joshua Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements
A Comprehensive Application of Rational Choice Theory: How Costs Imposed by, and Benefits Derived from, the U.S. Federal Government Affect Incidents Perpetrated by the Radical Eco-Movement August 2019 Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America
A Conceptual Framework to Enhance Community Resilience Using Social Capital August 2015 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Pfefferbaum, Rose Journal Article Resilience North America
A Contested Threat: The Politics of Security Collaboration for Combating Terrorism November 2008 Chenoweth, Erica Book Chapter Counterterrorism Global
A Field-Wide Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Putative Risk and Protective Factors for Radicalization Outcomes December 2019 Weisburd, David Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism, Radical Beliefs and Behavior
A First Look at Domestic and International Global Terrorism Events, 1970-1997 May 2006 LaFree, Gary; Dugan, Laura Conference Paper Terrorism and Society Global
A framework for thinking about research on conflict resolution initiatives November 2005 Book Chapter Disengagement Global
A genosonic analysis of ISIL and US counter-extremism video messages March 2017 Bean, Hamilton Journal Article Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism
A Historical Overview of Biological Weapons Identification, Characterization, and Attribution November 2007 Ackerman, Gary; Asal, Victor Book Chapter Chemical and Biological Threats Global
A Homeland Security Net Assessment Needed Now! October 2015 Dahl, Erik Journal Article Counterterrorism North America
A Look at Terrorist Behavior: How They Prepare, Where They Strike July 2008 Smith, Brent Journal Article Individual Behavior Global


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