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Publication Title Publication Date START Authors Typesort ascending Research Areas Regions
Organizational and Institutional Approaches: Social Movement Studies Perspectives on Political Violence May 2019 della Porta, Donatella Book Chapter Terrorism and Society
Terrorists as State 'Surrogates' or 'Proxies': Separating Fact from Fiction November 2006 Book Chapter
Open Source for Counterterrorism: Facilitating Inter-Agency Communication and Open Source Intelligence November 2006 Book Chapter
Geotargeted Alerts and Warnings March 2017 Wood, Michele Book Chapter Risk Communication Global
ISIS: Its History, Ideology, and Psychology April 2018 Kruglanski, Arie Book Chapter Terrorism and Society, Radical Beliefs and Behavior Middle East and North Africa
Model citizenship in the management of public health emergencies: The role of open government November 2007 Schoch-Spana, Monica Book Chapter North America
What Is the State of the Quantitative Literature on Risk Factors for Radicalization and Recruitment to Terrorism? June 2020 Weisburd, David Book Chapter Radical Beliefs and Behavior
Research on Terrorism and Countering Terrorism November 2008 LaFree, Gary; Dugan, Laura Book Chapter Counterterrorism Global
Policymakers and Law Enforcement Must Consider the Unintended Consequences of Their Proposed Responses to Extremist and Terrorist Groups November 2008 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Book Chapter Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism North America
Suicide Bombers in Iraq, 2003-2010:Disaggregating Targets Can Reveal Insurgent Motives and Priorities January 2014 Book Chapter Violent Groups and Movements, Individual Behavior
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Terrorism April 2018 Ackerman, Gary Book Chapter Chemical and Biological Threats, Radiological and Nuclear Threats Global
The Psychology of Terrorist Hostage Taking March 2003 Wilson, Margaret Book Chapter
The Social-Meditated Crisis Communication (SMCC) Model: Identifying the Next Frontier December 2020 Liu, Brooke; Jin, Yan Book Chapter Risk Communication Global
Radical Right Cross-National Links and International Cooperation January 2018 Caiani, Manuela Book Chapter Terrorism and Society, Counterterrorism Global
Cooperation and Drug Policies: Trends in Peru in the Twenty-First Century December 2014 Koven, Barnett S. Book Chapter Crime and Terrorism South America
The Evolution of Terrorism Event Databases May 2019 LaFree, Gary Book Chapter Terrorism and Society
Reflections on Simulation and Experimentation in the Study of Negotiation November 2005 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Book Chapter
2005 Events and Outcomes: Hurricane Katrina and Beyond November 2006 Book Chapter
Italy and the Red Brigades: The Success of Repentance Policy in Counterterrorism November 2006 Book Chapter
Criminology, Terrorism, and Serendipity June 2015 LaFree, Gary Book Chapter Crime and Terrorism Global
Cigarette smuggling and terrorism financing November 2013 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Book Chapter Crime and Terrorism, Counterterrorism Middle East and North Africa, North America
Rehabilitation of Jihadi Terrorists: Current Understanding and Perspectives April 2020 Braddock, Kurt Book Chapter Deradicalization, Disengagement
Community resilience and wellness for children exposed to Hurricane Katrina November 2007 Pfefferbaum, Betty; Norris, Fran; Pfefferbaum, Rose Book Chapter Resilience North America
Disgust November 2007 McCauley, Clark Book Chapter
The Terrorists' Planning Cycle: Patterns of Pre-incident Behaviors January 2017 Smith, Brent; Damphousse, Kelly; Roberts, Paxton Book Chapter Terrorism and Society North America


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