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A consortium of researchers dedicated to improving the understanding of the human causes and consequences of terrorism

Southeast Asia

Title Sort ascending Investigators Project Period
The Role of the Media in the Recruitment of Terrorists: Mass Communication and the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Muslims in Indonesia Douglas M. McLeod -
Support for Terrorism as a Function of Individualistic and Collectivistic Goals Arie Kruglanski -
Radicalizing the Poor: Understanding the Influence of Service Provision on Popular Support for and Participation in Violent Political Groups Shawn Flanigan -
International and Regional Architecture Reports Brandon Behlendorf, Emily Iarocci, Gary Ackerman, Steve S. Sin, Ph.D. -
Global Nuclear Detection Architecture: A Study of South Asia Sharad Joshi -
Divergent Dimensions of Radicalization Risk: Migration and Violent Extremism in Sabah Barnett S. Koven, Samuel D. Henkin -
Developing Integrated Radiological and Nuclear Detection Architecture for the Interior and International Mission Space Steve S. Sin, Ph.D., Marcus A. Boyd -
Developing Academic Partnerships and Collaborative Research on Countering Violent Extremism in Malaysia and Southeast Asia Amy Pate, Barnett S. Koven, William Braniff -
Countering Jihadist Ideology among Detainees: The Effects and Effectiveness of De-Radicalization Programs Arie Kruglanski, Michele Gelfand -
Climate Security, Great Power Competition, and Adversarial Geopolitics in Southeast Asia Samuel D. Henkin, Marcus A. Boyd -
Cell Groups and Individual Radicalization in Indonesia, United Kingdom, and the United States Douglas M. McLeod -
Assessing the Effectiveness of Current De-Radicalization Initiatives and Identifying Implications for the Development of U.S.-Based Initiatives in Multiple Settings -
Title Sort ascending Job Title Institution
Guarrieri Thomas Guarrieri Director of Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Research Scientist, Unconventional Weapons &
Technology (UWT) Division, START
University of Maryland
Henkin Samuel D. Henkin Geospatial Research Unit (GRU) Researcher, START University of Maryland
Prabhakar misra Prabhakar Misra Professor of Physics Howard University
person-default Nathan Meehan Director of Research and Development, Second Sight Training Systems, LLC Second Sight Training Systems, LLC
Crenshaw Martha Martha Crenshaw Researcher, Political Science/International Relations Stanford University
kurt braddock Kurt Braddock Assistant Professor, American University American University
Gary Ackerman Gary Ackerman Associate Professor, SUNY Albany University at Albany, State University of New York
person-default Devin Ellis Researcher, ARLIS University of Maryland
Bo Jiang, START Bo Jiang Graduate Research Assistant, START University of Maryland