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Conflict Management and Negotiation


Conflict Management and Negotiation

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Project Title Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
Election Anxiety is Driving Erdogan’s Decisions in Syria February 2018 Erdemandi, Max Op-ed
Mediating International Crises: Cross-National and Experimental Perspectives June 2003 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Mediation Style and Crisis Outcomes February 2006 Biswas, Bidisha; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Journal Article
Power Play: Mediation in Symmetric and Asymmetric International Crises January 2006 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan; Smarick, Kathleen; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Research Handbook on Mediating International Crises May 2019 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Book
Resolving Crises through Automated Bilateral Negotiations January 2008 Pate, Amy; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Journal Article
The Challenges of Conflict Management: A Case Study of Sri Lanka January 2006 Biswas, Bidisha Journal Article
The Reason We Don't Know March 2012 Pate, Amy; Birnir, Johanna; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan; Gurr, Ted Robert Journal Article
Threat, Dehumanization, and Support for Aggressive Retaliatory Policies in Asymmetric Conflict February 2008 McCauley, Clark Journal Article
Web of Links: Rival Connections and Strategic Accommodation in Response to Threats January 2017 Radziszewski, Elizabeth Journal Article

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Image Title Job Title Institution
Samuel D. Henkin

Geospatial Research Unit (GRU) Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Tyler Yates Tyler Yates

Researcher, Global Terrorism Database (GTD)

University of Maryland

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