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Spring 2023 Internship Application Form


Spring 2023 Internship Application Form

To apply for an internship opportunity, complete the application below.

Your Name
Contact Information
If your address is not in the United States, please indicate the first choice, "International."
Demographic Information
Please indicate your gender. If you prefer not to answer, please enter "NA." Note: this will not play into admissions decisions, it is only used for data collection and diversity recording purposes.
Please indicate your race and/or ethnicity. Note: this will not play into admissions decisions. It will only be used for data collection, and diversity recording purposes.
If you selected other, please describe.
Note: this will not play into admissions decisions. It will only be used for data collection, and diversity recording purposes.
Citizenship and Visa Information
Non-citizens are welcome to apply, but a few of our projects require U.S. citizenship. This is noted in the project description.
This information is requested in order to ensure sufficient time is allowed for the processing of paperwork required in relation to your Visa if you are offered an internship. Answering "no" is not considered as part of our selection criteria, as long as you can provide proof of work authorization at the time the internship offer is accepted. Please also note that although we try to make sure all paperwork is processed in time for you to participate in our program we cannot guarantee this.
If you selected "Other" in the question above, and do not specify more information here, this will severely delay your application and could preclude you from interning with us or being considered for our program, even if all other documents are processed by the deadline. Please note, generally START is only able to admit students on J-1 or F1 (not F-1 if you are on OPT) visa holders due to work restrictions.
Education Information
High School Information
If you did not graduate from a high school in the United States, a U.S. territory, or DoDEA location, please indicate the first choice, "International."
Undergraduate/Baccalaureate Institution Information
Expected or actual graduation date
Graduate/Post-Baccalaureate Institution Information
Provide the name of your university or college (if you have graduated, please provide the name of your last institution).
Other Academic Institution Information
Provide the name of your university or college (if you have graduated, please provide the name of your last institution).
Other Education Information
If you have a University of Maryland UID number, please provide it here.
If you have a University of Maryland Directory ID, please provide it here.

Which START internship are you applying for?

You may only apply to ONE project. However, you may identify up to two additional projects you are interested in, in the event you are not selected for the project you are applying for. 

In the boxes below indicate your preference using the drop down box listing the internship projects. 

Previous Contact with START
Have you ever had an internship with START before? If Yes, please provide the following information for the most recent internship.
Please enter semester and year of previous internship.
Supplementary Application Materials

Please note that some START internships may require that you register for credit.  Refer to the internship descriptions for details.

Please list contact details for three references:

First Reference
Second Reference
Third Reference
Required Documents

The following materials must be submitted as a packet in one PDF file in this order:

  1. One-page cover letter
  2. One-page resume
  3. Unofficial transcript(s)
  4. Two-page writing sample
  5. Other materials (some projects may require additional materials, please add them last)
Information on stipends
The University of Maryland has several opportunities for students to apply for other internship stipends. Please note that START is not involved in the application or review process for these stipends, with the exception of the Paul Gallo Memorial Scholarship for Non-Traditional Student Interns. Non-UMD students are encouraged to check with their home institutions for other stipend opportunities.
Submit Application
  • Due to the high volume of applications, only top candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. 
  • All internships include a stipend of $2,250 for the fall and spring semesters, and $3,000 for the summer term
  • Applicants must pay close attention to the requirement of the internship they are applying for, including attendance to team meetings and the minimum time commitment. Inability to attend compulsory meetings or work the minimum required hours will result in rescinding of offer.
  • Applicants who identify two additional internship projects of interest may be considered for those projects if they are not selected for the project in which they are applying.
  • Any successful applicant will be asked to respond with a firm acceptance within 24 hours of the offer being made. Failure to respond could result in your place being given to another applicant.
  • Failure to complete this form in full or submit the proper materials according to the directions provided above could result in your application being rejected without further consideration.
  • All interns must attend START Intern Orientation.
  • All interns must be able to participate in the internship program for the duration of the program/semester dates. 
  • Questions about specific internships, their requirements or subject matter should be directed to the supervisor contact listed for each project on the START internship web page.

Conditions of Employment:

The University of Maryland has made the safety of our students, faculty and staff, and our surrounding communities a top priority. As part of that commitment, the University System of Maryland (USM) recently announced that students, faculty, and staff on USM campuses, including UMD, are required to be vaccinated against COVID. Accepted interns will be required to comply with the University's vaccination protocol or to request and be approved for a medical or religious exemption in order to work at any University of Maryland location.  Internship offers are contingent upon admitted candidates providing proof of full vaccination or obtaining approval for a medical or religious exemption.

Intern offers are contingent on completion of a background check.  A prior criminal conviction or convictions will not automatically disqualify a finalist from employment. Prior to any adverse decision, individuals will have an opportunity to provide information to the University regarding their background check. Individuals will also be provided an opportunity to appeal any decision prior to a final outcome.

Additionally, accepted interns will be required to complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Authorization and will be required to complete a Federal W4, State W4, and Direct Deposit forms. Non-U.S. Citizens will have additional tax/payroll paperwork to complete. The inability to complete any of these documents or processes may result in the internship offer being rescinded.


If you have difficulty submitting your application or have questions about your application status, please contact us at internships@start.umd.edu

The University of Maryland is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive educational, working, and living environment for people of all abilities. The University of Maryland is also committed to the principle that no qualified individual with a disability shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs, or activities of the University, or be subjected to discrimination. The University of Maryland provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals. Reasonable accommodations shall be made in a timely manner and on an individualized and flexible basis. If invited for an interview and you would like to request accommodations, please email escoll@umd.edu.

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