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BAAD - Jemaah Islamiya (JI) - 2012


Jemaah Islamiya (JI)

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) was founded in 1993 in Malaysia by Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and Abdullah Sungkar.[2] However, some sources claim that the group was created around the late 1970s or early 1980s, but during that time the group was not involved in violent attacks.[3] JI is a militant Islamic organization with the goal of creating an Islamic state ruled under sharia law in Southeast Asia.[4] JI’s ideology is derived from Darul Islam, a radical movement that aimed to establish Islamic law in Indonesia.[5] The group has cells that operate in Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Thailand.[6] , [7] Some of the most important figures of the group include Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, who is believed to be the group’s spiritual and operational leader, and Nurjaman Riduan Ismuddin (aka Hambali), and Mohamad Iqbal Abdurrahman (aka Abu Jibril).[8]

The group has attacked wide variety of targets, including Western embassies, tourist destinations and churches.[9] Some of their major attacks included a series of bombings in Manila (2000), bombings in two nightclubs in Bali (2002), a car bombing in the Marriott hotel in Jakarta (2003), and a bombing outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta (2004).[10] Some sources indicate that the group may have been significantly weakened by counterterrorism efforts in the region in the mid-2000s, although analysts caution that JI operatives still pose a threat.[11] The group started to splinter in 2003 as the group’s leadership seemed to be moving towards a greater focus on religious outreach in an attempt to build public support for their cause. [12] One such splinter group led by Noordin Mat Top bombed two hotels in Jakarta in 2009.[13] View full narrative

Quick Facts for 2012


365 (Total of 1998 through 2012)


Approximately 500-several thousand

Territorial Control:
Does Not Control Territory (0)

Funding through Drug Trafficking:

Sorry, but there are no organizational details available for this group at this time.


Primary Ideology

  • Ag = Anti-Globalization
  • An = Anarchist
  • En = Ethnic
  • Ev = Environmental
  • Le = Leftist
  • Re = Religious
  • Ri = Rightist
  • Se = Separatist
  • Su = Supremacist
  • Vi = Vigilante


  •  Ally
  •  Suspected Ally
  •  Rival
  •  Violence
  •  Mixed Relations


  •  Blue 0 - 1479 fatalities
  •  Green 1479 - 2958 fatalities
  •  Yellow 2958 - 4437 fatalities
  •  Orange 4437 - 5916 fatalities
  •  Red 5916 - 7396 fatalities

Lethality is calculated as the total number of fatalities from 1998-2012.


Icon sizes depict approximate relative sizes of the organizations.

  • Smallest 0 - 10 members
  •   11 - 100 members
  •   101 - 1000 members
  •   1001 - 10000 members
  • Largest > 10000 members

Other Notes

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