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Government Actions in a Terror Environment - Israel (GATE-Israel)

The purpose of the GATE-Israel project is to determine the effects of repressive and conciliatory actions on Palestinian terrorist activity in Israel. The time period covered by this study, 1987-2004, includes three distinct Israeli tactical regimes, the First Intifada, the Oslo Lull, and the Second Intifada, each of which took their own approach to preventing and responding to terrorism. Data concerning Palestinian terrorist attacks was drawn from the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), in which Palestinian terrorist attacks were defined in this research as cases involving a minimum of one Israeli target in either Israel or the Palestinian territories. Data relating to Israeli state actions was found in the GATE-Israel dataset, which coded Israeli governmental actions as being conciliatory or repressive from the Palestinian perspective. Only the government actions relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are included in these data. Data were also partitioned by whether the actions were discriminate or indiscriminate. The data presented here is monthly counts of Palestinian terrorist actions and Israeli governmental responses that are relevant to the Palestinian conflict.

START Investigators
1987 to 2004