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Headquartered at the University of Maryland, START is an international consortium of leading researchers and institutions dedicated to serving as a bridge between academia, government and the general public to improve the understanding of terrorism, counterterrorism, and community resilience. As START is committed to the widespread dissemination of its research findings, it makes reports, datasets and analyses available to the public on its website. Additionally, START researchers and staff work with journalists to provide information and data for news reports, as well as offer expert commentary.

The following sections are designed to help members of the news media and the public learn about START's research, people and events.

This section features findings from START research projects as well as human interest stories about START researchers and students. Additionally, the section features editorial pieces, Discussion Points, penned by scholars to foster thoughtful reflection and discussion by professionals and students alike about terrorism and other complicated and often politicized topics.
This section provides a listing of events and activities hosted by START and its partners. Most events are free and open to the public.
This section provides links to START monthly newsletters.
This section provides a compilation of news clips featuring START data and research, as well as START investigators.
Requests from the news media can be made in this section by filling out the form or contacting the START Communications Director directly.
Search START's vast network of terrorism and counterterrorism experts from more than 50 institutions worldwide.
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