START researchers are supported by a team of experienced training personnel that transition research findings into practitioner-focused in-person and online training products. Intended for a variety of audiences, START’s training products are designed to advance an academically informed understanding of topics related to our research portfolio and to support real-world application of research findings.

Through START’s training products, participants improve their knowledge of factual baselines and proven methodologies, and build new skills to integrate research into policy and practice.

Core Competencies:

Drawing on our in-house expertise in instructional design and development, training delivery, and learning evaluation, we offer the following services: 

  • Development and Delivery of:
    • Microlearning Segments
    • eLearning Modules
    • Customized In-person Trainings
    • Train-the-Trainer Curricula
    • Webinars or Virtual Workshops
    • Tabletop and Distributed Online Simulations
  • Conference or Event Presentation
  • On-site Delivery of Existing START Training Products

Key Differentiators:

  • Supported by an in-house team of subject-matter experts
  • Instructional designers experienced in developing training content for adult learners
  • Ability to provide full-service training options; including analysis, development, delivery, and evaluation
  • Utilization of AGILE and ADDIE instructional systems design approaches
  • Quality assurance management processes

Past Performance:

START has developed training for federal, state, and industry agencies, with audiences including emergency management personnel, law enforcement, analysts, and community leaders. A sample of previous funding agencies include: Department of Homeland Security [Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal law enforcement, Office of University Programs]; Department of State; and SLTT law enforcement and emergency response.

Microlearning Segments

START has also produced a series of short (ten minutes or less), interactive lessons designed to improve learners’ knowledge of countering violent extremism (CVE) and terrorism and targeted violence (T2V).


Training products are fee-for-service and customized based on clients’ needs and budgets. Please contact the training team for a quote.


Please contact START’s training team at to request more information and/or a quote.

Publicly Available Courses:

image of hands together and words Countering Violent Extremism

New Approaches to Countering Terror: Countering Violent Extremism

This multi-week interactive course is designed to help students explore both pragmatic and philosophical challenges that continue to shape the evolution of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), a global security paradigm. This asynchronous online course will introduce the concept of CVE, and explore the promise of CVE as a more comprehensive and proactive approach to the complex phenomenon of violent extremism.

Image of a press conference

Training in Risk and Crisis Communication (TRACC)

Crisis communication demands are instant and can extend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Preparing for effective communication is essential to enhancing public safety, maintaining trust among stakeholders, and increasing community resilience.

This in-person course covers risk communication during the entire life-cycle of a crisis including preparation, response, and recovery. The program aims to improve community resilience (ability to better recover from disasters) through effective practitioner training.

Image of world data

Using the Global Terrorism Database: Introduction

This asynchronous online module provides a general overview of the world’s largest unclassified database on terrorism incidents, the Global Terrorism Database (GTD). This overview includes discussion of the data collection process, as this informs the use of the database itself. Participants receive instruction on the analytical strengths of large datasets as well as the limits of this type of analysis. Participants will conduct analytical exercises introducing them to pivot tables and foundational graphing techniques using Excel.

College Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Global Terrorism Studies Minor
  • Study Abroad
  • Online Courses
  • Internships

Picture of Graduate Students

Graduate Students

  • MPS in Security & Terrorism Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis
  • Study Abroad
  • Summer/Winter Courses
  • Internships

Picture of a Professional

Professional Development

  • MPS in Security & Terrorism Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis
  • Online Courses
  • Training


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