Terrorism 360


Terrorism 360 is a podcast brought to you by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) headquartered at the University of Maryland. In this podcast, Dr. Gary LaFree, the Founding Director of START, interviews the world’s leading experts on terrorism and explores their research, their insights into the causes and consequences of terrorism, and their recommendations for policy makers. The central organizing principle of this podcast is that sensible policy on terrorism requires an objective, science-based approach, as well as a wide variety of perspectives.

The 15 guests on the podcast are all researchers who have contributed directly to scholarship on terrorism and offer diverse opinions. Some of the guests feel that worldwide responses to terrorism have not been strong enough—others feel that they have been far too strong. Some feel that the threat of terrorism is increasing—others that it is diminishing. The current series was released Sept. 25 through Dec.17, 2018. Available on Vimeo

Guests include: Martha Crenshaw, Bruce Hoffman, Gina Ligon, Brian Jenkins, Mark Juergensmeyer, David Rapoport, Jessica Stern, John Mueller, Marc Sageman, Clark McCauley, Arie Kruglanski, Brent Smith, John Monahan, Jonathan Wilkenfeld and Stevan Weine.

Find the complete podcast on Vimeo here. 

EP 1: Defining Terrorism: A Conversation with Martha Crenshaw from START Consortium on Vimeo.