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START has partnered with Oxford University Press to sponsor this interdisciplinary book series. The Causes, Conduct and Consequences of Terrorism book series is edited by Laura Dugan (START Affiliate, The Ohio State University), Gary Ackerman (START Affiliate, University at Albany) and Anthony Lemieux (START Affiliate, Georgia State University). The series will approach terrorism conceptually as having a developmental “life-cycle.” Within this perspective, the series will treat terrorism as a phenomenon that has a set of interdependent phases: (1) the origins of extremism and the formation of terrorist groups; (2) terrorist dynamics and persistence; and (3) societal responses to terrorism.

Each volume in the series will thus be conceptually situated within this life-cycle and contributing authors must explore the interconnections between the phase in which their topic resides and the other phases. To offer an example: a volume on the role of ideology in radicalization (phase 1) could touch on how the violent behavior of the radicalized individuals and groups that follow the ideology might in turn be affected (phase 2) and whether targeted societies react differently to radicals espousing different ideologies (phase 3). Another example is where a study on the effectiveness of certain counterterrorism measures (phase 2) might examine the possible unintended consequences or side effects of counterterrorist measures relating to the recruitment of new members into terrorist organizations (phase 1).

From a methodological standpoint, the Causes, Conduct and Consequences of Terrorism is rooted in a paradigm of rigorous social science, and is open to a wide variety of methodological approaches. Each of the books in the series, however, must explore the topic of terrorism in a manner that is at once theoretically informed, empirically grounded and policy relevant. As such, the series aims to fill lacunae in earlier scholarship on terrorism, which was sometimes limited in the topics that it could address and the insights it could derive by both a dearth of data and the attention of only a handful of academic disciplines.

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Titles in this series include:

From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists

From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists: Human Resources of Non-State Armed Groups, by Vera Mironova (2019)

ISIS Propaganda

ISIS Propaganda: A Full-Spectrum Extremist Message, edited by Stephane J. Baele, Katharine A. Boyd and Travis G. Coan (2019)

Insurgent Terrorism

Insurgent Terrorism: Intergroup Relationships and the Killing of Civilians by Victor Asal, Brian J. Phillips, and R. Karl Rethemeyer

Extremist Islam

Extremist Islam: Recognition and Response in Southeast Asia, by Kumar Ramakrishna

Proto-State Media Systems

Proto-State Media Systems: The Digital Rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, by Carol Winkler and Kareem El Damanhoury

Former Extremists

Former Extremists: Preventing and Countering Violence, edited by Gordon Clubb, Ryan Scrivens and Md. Didarul Islam
(Forthcoming 2023) 


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