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2008-09 Fellowships

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Roberta Belli, “Where Terrorists, Far-Right Extremists, and Greedy Criminals Meet: A Comparative Study of Financial Crimes in the United States”

Criminology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

Mentor: Joshua D. Freilich

Heather Epkins, “Drawing Red Lines: The Role of Outside Media Organizations, Routine and Organizational Structure on Perceptions of National Security Media”

Communication, University of Maryland

Mentor: Steven M. Chermak

Jeffrey Gruenewald, “Extremist Homicide in the United States: A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right, Bias, and Non-Ideological Homicide”

Criminology, Michigan State University

Mentor: Steven M. Chermak

Shanaka Jayasekara, “Weapons Procurement Operations of Secular (Nationalist) Armed Groups and Assessment of the Involvement with Islamist Groups”

Macquarie University

Mentor: Gary Ackerman

Kevin Keenan, “Awareness of Vulnerability to Terrorism in Urban Areas: Social Network and Mobility Effects in Boston, MA”

Geography, Clark University

Mentor: Susan L. Cutter

Peter Krause, “Coercion by Any Other Name Should Smell as Sweet: The Political Effectiveness of Terrorism”

Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mentor: Martha Crenshaw

Stuart Lee, “An Examination of the Relationship Between Conventional Crime Rates and Political Violence in Northern Ireland”

Criminology, University of Cambridge

Mentor: Richard L. Legault

Christine Muller, “Cultural Implications of September 11 Through the Lens of Life Writing”

University of Maryland

Mentor: Monica Schoch-Spana

Edward Orehek, “Consequences of Collectivism for Terrorism”

Psychology, University of Maryland

Mentor: Arie Kruglanski

Anonymous Student, "Armed Groups' Provision of Public Goods: Situational Bargaining in Rebel-Donor Relationships"

Political Science, University of California- San Diego

Mentor: Shawn Flanigan

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