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2012-13 Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Syed Ejaz Hussain, “How The Presence Of Conflict In A Police District Affects The Likelihood Of Terrorism”

Criminology, Counterterrorism Department, Punjab Police, Pakistan

Mentor: Gary LaFree

Kate Ivanova, “Arms Trade and Terrorism”

Political Science, Ohio State University

Mentor: Robert T. Greenbaum

Muniba Saleem, “Media and Acceptance of Muslims within the American National Identity: Differential Responses from Muslim-Americans and Non-Muslim Americans”

Psychology, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Mentor: Anthony Lemieux

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Tricia Bacon, “Strange Bedfellows or Brothers-in-Arms: Why do Terrorist Organizations Ally?”

International Relations, Georgetown University

Mentor: Gary Ackerman

Katherine A. Boyd, “Terrorism in Context: Multi-level modeling to assess organization behavior, location, and counterterrorism policies”

Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Mentor: Joshua Freilich

Agatha Hultquist, “The strategies of terrorism and politics: Examining political institutions and the violent and non-violent strategies of ethno-political organizations”

Government & Politics, University of Maryland

Mentor: Johanna Birnir

Sarah Lyons, “Experiences of the Excluded: Uncovering the Psychology of Homegrown Terrorism”

Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Maryland

Mentor: Michele Gelfand

Aila Matanock, “Why Militant Groups and Governments Compete with Ballots Instead of Bullets”

Political Science, Stanford University

Mentor: Martha Crenshaw

Angela Scholes, “A behavioral comparison of terrorist-perpetrated kidnaps and political assassinations”

Forensic Psychology, University of Liverpool

Mentor: Margaret Wilson

Michael Suttmoeller, “The Impact of Right Wing Extremist Group Leadership and Organizational Characteristics on Group Behavior, Persistence and Desistence”

Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

Mentor: Steve Chermak


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Graduate Students

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