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2014-15 Award Recipients

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Brian Phillips, "How Does ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ Designation Affect Terrorist Groups?"

Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE)

Mentor: Victor Asal

Keren Fraiman, "Not in Your Backyard: Coercing Base States to Reign in Violent Non-State Groups"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mentor: Risa Brooks

Jennifer Carson, "The Role of Targeted Assassinations in the War on Terrorism"

University of Central Missouri

Mentor: Gary LaFree

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Julia Fraustino, "Social and Mobile Media Engagement among Younger Adults: Effects of Crisis Information Form, Source, and Visuals on Resilience Generating Outcomes."

University of Maryland

Mentor: Brooke Liu

Anonymous, "Individual preferences and behavior in civil wars"



Colleen Mills, "Extreme Hatred: When Hate Crime Becomes Terrorism: Revisiting the "Close Cousins" or "Distant Relatives" Debate"

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York

Mentor: Joshua Freilich

Dan Silverman, "Rage Against the Machines: Selective Violence, Reactive Mobilization, and U.S. Drone Warfare in Pakistan"

The Ohio State University

Mentor: Risa Brooks

Erika Lorenzana Del ​Villar, "Our Holy Grail: Power, States, and Networks in the Stymied Global Quest to Define Terrorism"

University of Connecticut

Mentor: Ronald Breiger

Sarah Fitzgerald, "Assessing the Attractiveness of Human and Non-Human Targets in Domestic Extremist Incidents"

Michigan State University

Mentor: Steve Chermak

Erin Kearns, "When to Claim: A cross-national study of claimed vs. unclaimed terrorist attacks"

American University

Mentor: Joe Young

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