Through curricular and experiential learning, START educates, mentors and trains the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

2015-16 Award Recipients

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Joel Day, "The ISIS Bandwagon: Why Domestic Terrorists Ally with the Islamic State"

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Mentor: Erica Chenoweth

David Hofmann, "Threat Identification and Threat Assessment of Apocalyptical and Millenarian Groups within Canada"

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Mentor: Gary Ackerman

Paul Gill, "Sequencing Lone Actor Terrorist Radicalisation and Attack Planning"

University College London

Mentor: Josh Freilich

Stephen Nemeth, "Organizing Terror: A Database of Terrorist Leaders"

Oklahoma State University 

Mentor: Joe Young

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Marisa Mandala, "Environmental Criminology and the Prevention of Successful Terrorist Assassinations"

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Mentor: Josh Freilich

Steven Windisch, "Activating Predispositions: Elaborating the Risk Factor Model of Extremist Participation"

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Pete Simi

Kerry Persen, "Exit, Voice, Loyalty: Responses to Islamist Political Violence"

Stanford University

Mentor: Martha Crenshaw

Michael Nwankpa, "A Social and Information Network Analysis of Boko Haram"

University of Roehampton

Mentor: Amy Pate

Emily Corner, "The Psychogenesis of Terrorism"

University College London

Mentor: John Horgan

Caitlin  Mastroe, "An Analysis on the Implementation of Countering Violent Extremism Plans​"

Cornell University

Mentor: Susan Szmania


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