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Maryland Day 2016 visitors Test their Terrorism IQ with START

Maryland Day 2016 visitors Test their Terrorism IQ with START

May 20, 2016

More than 75,000 Visitors attended the 18th Annual Maryland Day celebration at the University of Maryland on April 30, which featured more than 400 family-friendly exhibits and events, including START’s own “Test Your Terrorism IQ” game.

This year’s START booth featured a brand-new trivia wheel, which allowed guests to answer questions from five different categories including “Global Terrorism,” “Terrorist Organizations,” and “Individual Radicalization.”

START students and staff members volunteered to help at the booth, both running games and sharing information about the center with event attendees.

“This was my first time volunteering at Maryland Day, and I really enjoyed it,” said START training manager and Maryland Day volunteer Liberty Day. “It was fun to test the visitors with our trivia questions and to compare what people commonly believe to be true about terrorism with our START data.”

“Working at a terrorism research center can sometimes take an emotional toll as we read reports of violence and conflict,” said communications and event coordinator Beth Schwartz. “I always look forward to Maryland Day because it is one of those rare opportunities for START as a center to interact with the UMD community in an informal setting.”