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NPR: Separate and Still Unequal

START Director Gary LaFree Discusses Black - White Homicide Arrest Rates in D.C. (NPR)

On WAMU 88.5, START Director Gary LaFree discusses the widening gap in the Black - White homicide arrest rate within the District as the national rate trends in the other direction. "March 08, 2010 - In 1968 the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders published what was known as the Kerner Report. The report described a nation "moving toward two societies-one black, one white-separate and unequal" and warned of consequences of failing to address racial inequalities. Nearly four decades later, a team of researches led by a professor at the University of Maryland dug through homicide arrest data for 80 U.S. cities to determine how accurate the report's projections on crime turned out to be. University of Maryland Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Dr. Gary LaFree spoke about what they found. The study "Separate and Still Unequal" appears in the American Sociological Review..." Interview listed near the top of the page