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Advantages of Syrian Diaspora Aid to Refugees in Middle Eastern States of the Global South


Based on interviews with leaders of diaspora organizations providing aid to forced migrants in Lebanon, Turkey, and inside Syria, this article addresses several unique advantages that Syrian diaspora nonprofit organizations may bring to the table when aiding migrants in Middle Eastern host states of the global South. Among these are a strong motivation based on deep personal ties, which cause diaspora members to be more resilient and less risk averse when working in difficult contexts in host states in the global South; cultural competence and familiarity that make diaspora members adept at navigating complex legal and operational environments, particularly when diaspora member have experience living and working in the global South; and an ability to make use of informal accountability mechanisms that derive from their social network ties, which assist in identifying trustworthy partners and effective processes for providing aid. The article adds to research on diaspora philanthropy by empirically confirming benefits of diaspora philanthropy found in the extant literature, and proposing future research comparing efforts of diaspora members based in the global South and those in the global North. It adds to the literature on third sector organizations and migration by examining Middle Eastern host states in the global South at a time when the vast majority of the literature focuses on very few high-income host countries of the global North (Garkisch et. al 2017).

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Flanigan, Shawn. "Advantages of Syrian Diaspora Aid to Refugees in Middle Eastern States of the Global South." Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society (November): 35-66.  https://scholarworks.iu.edu/iupjournals/index.php/muslimphilanthropy/article/view/2018

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