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Assessing the Non-Profit Security Grant Program After Colleyville


Last month’s hostage-taking situation in Colleyville, Texas, was the latest example of ideologically motivated violence directed at a house of worship. Jewish institutions are especially at risk of attack by far-right actors, violent Islamists, and others, though recent history indicates there is no shortage of violence directed at Muslim, Sikh, and Black Christian houses of worship, as well as a variety of nonprofits. Data from the FBI and other sources suggest such attacks are a rising trend in the United States. A National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Feb. 7, 2022, further highlights the elevated threat environment posed to nonprofits like faith-based organizations and institutions of higher education.

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Beutel, Alejandro. 2022. "Assessing the Non-Profit Security Grant Program After Colleyville." Newlines Institute Policy Report (February). https://newlinesinstitute.org/far-right-extremism/assessing-the-non-profit-security-grant-program-after-colleyville/

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