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Defining and Understanding the Jihadi-Salafi Movement


Jihadi-Salafi groups have been on the march in the post-9/11 years on a violent campaign to achieve their ends. From North America to South-East Asia and from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa, Jihadi-Salafis have attacked Western and local targets with often devastating results. Despite growing attention to the Jihadi-Salafi movement, which includes both globalized and localized components, there are still questions that remain largely unanswered. Three new books can shed light on this modern phenomenon that has preoccupied Western security policies for the past decade. Jihadi-Salafism is a large and diverse movement with a global reach that has embarked on an armed struggle to defend the imagined ummah.

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Karagiannis, Emmanuel. Defining and Understanding the Jihadi-Salafi Movement. Asian Security (Jun 2014). http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14799855.2014.914817#.U9-MJONdUZl

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