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Discovery Communications Building Hostage-Taking


Following the September 1, 2010, hostage situation at the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring, Maryland, START has compiled background information on terrorist activity in the District of Columbia and Maryland, media targets, and hostage situations in the United States. The gunman in this event, James Lee, was known to be a vocal advocate of extreme views related to protecting the environment, including extreme perspectives on population control, and his actions on September 1, 2010, appear to be an extension of his ongoing efforts to support this agenda. Given the nature of Lee's political and social goals and his use of illegal force, this incident would qualify as a terrorist incident, according to the definition of START?s Global Terrorism Database (GTD).

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National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. 2010. "Package Bombs on Cargo Planes." College Park, MD: START (September).

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