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Discussion Point: Communities on the Front Lines Against Terrorism


In April, an alleged American-born fighter affiliated with the ISIS movement posted a 19-page pamphlet -- “GPS of the Ghurabah [Strangers] in The West (American Edition) 2” – to an online forum. It seeks to provide prospective ISIS recruits with information on how to join the movement and maintain operational security by identifying and explaining a series of counter-surveillance practices.

Studying the document can provide policymakers, researchers, and community members with useful insights into community factors that inhibit recruitment into violent action and how would-be terrorists try to work around them.

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Beutel, Alejandro. 2015. "Discussion Point: Communities on the Front Lines Against Terrorism." START (May). https://www.start.umd.edu/news/discussion-point-communities-front-lines-against-terrorism

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