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Discussion Point: Prevention Research is Needed for Countering Violent Extremism


In 2011 the Obama White House released two key documents introducing the United States' first attempt to build community resilience to violent extremism by engaging community partners. This policy remains a cornerstone of national security efforts and has resulted in new partnerships, information sharing, and training events and curricula across the United States. As these policies continue into President Obama's second term, it is the right time to ask, "What types of research could help to advance this innovative policy?"  The gap between these policies and the state of research on countering violent extremism (CVE) should be of concern. The reality is the field of countering violent extremism has yet to scientifically demonstrate which intervention programs are effective, especially those focused on prevention, or which dissemination and implementation tools are effective for bringing prevention programs to scale in applicable communities across the United States.


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Weine, Stevan. 2013. "Discussion Point: Prevention Research is Needed for Countering Violent Extremism." College Park, MD: START (March). https://www.start.umd.edu/news/discussion-point-prevention-research-countering-violent-extremism

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