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Divergent Axes of Russian Influence in Colombia and Latin America


Russia remains interested in exerting influence in Colombia due to Colombia’s extremely close security and economic relations with the US, as well as its desire to retaliate against the US for its perceived meddling in Russia’s traditional sphere of influence (e.g. Ukraine). Whereas a key lever for Russian influence in Latin America has been Rosoboronexport’s willingness to export arms at low costs, with flexible financing terms and without regards to human rights records, in Colombia, the close US-Colombia security relationship – a major part of Russia’s keen interest in Colombia in the first place – ensures that the Colombian Ministry of National Defense remains nonplussed by Russia’s foreign military sales offerings. Consequently, Russia has been forced to adapt other levers to exert influence in Colombia. To this end, Russia has instead focused on adapting gray zone approaches – namely electoral meddling and disinformation – employed against other targets to continue to meddle in Colombia.

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Koven, Barnett and Abigail Kamp. 2019. "Divergent Axes of Russian Influence in Colombia and Latin America." The Age of Disruption: How Power Shifts Create More Conflict (September). https://nsiteam.com/the-age-of-disruption-how-power-shifts-create-more-conflict/

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