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The Emerging Red-Green Alliance: Where Political Islam Meets the Radical Left


No matter how unlikely it may seem, radical Leftists and Islamists have come closer in recent years. Drawing on substantial ideological interchange, and operating at both state and non-state levels, the two movements are building a Common Front against the United States and its allies. In this article, we use framing theory to examine the contemporary convergence of political Islam and the radical Left. Both radical Leftists and Islamists have utilized the master frame of anti-globalization/anti-capitalism and the master frame of anti-colonialism/anti-imperialism to elicit support from the widest possible range of people. The emerging Red-Green alliance presents a complex challenge that will require careful attention from U.S. and European policymakers.

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Karagiannis, M,. & McCauley, C. 2013. "The emerging Red-Green Alliance: Where political Islam meets the radical left."  Terrorism and Political Violence, 25, 167-182. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09546553.2012.755815#.UuZ8-_so5QI