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Facebook Use and Social Captial: To Bond, To Bridge, or to Escape


This study employs the uses and gratification approach to investigate how different forms of Facebook use are linked to bridging social capital and bonding social capital. A survey of 152 college students was conducted to address research questions and to test hypotheses. Factor analysis identified six unique uses and gratifications: (a) information seeking, (b) entertainment, (c) communication, (d) social relations, (e) escape, and (f) Facebook applications. Findings reveal that intensity of Facebook use and the use of Facebook for social relations are positive predictors of bridging social capital, whereas the use of Facebook for escape is negatively linked to bonding social capital.

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McLeod, Douglas, and Min-Woo Kwon, Jonathan D'Angelo. 2013. "Facebook Use and Social Captial: To Bond, To Bridge, or to Escape." Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society (August):1-10. http://bst.sagepub.com/content/early/2013/08/14/0270467613496767.full.p…

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