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Old and New Terrorism


Old and New Terrorism provides the most comprehensive account of the evolution of terrorism in the modern world, and a concise and careful analysis of the forces that have driven its transformation. The book:

  • charts the development of terrorist network structures
  • assesses the impact of modern communication systems on the spread of terrorism
  • explains the rise of religiously inspired terrorism
  • and,shows what lies behind mass-casualty terrorism and the targeting of civilians.

Peter Neumann offers a subtle and sophisticated picture of the shifts in the practice and reception of terrorism, drawing on case studies ranging from the IRA to Al Qaeda. It makes sense of much of the literature that has been published over the past decade. Yet it also provides a highly original analysis of how globalization has facilitated many of the changes that have materialised in recent years.

This book will be essential reading both for students and experts keen to understand the changing nature of terrorism and how it can best be fought.

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Neumann, Peter R. 2009. Old and New Terrorism. Cambridge: Polity Press. https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Old+and+New+Terrorism-p-9780745643755

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