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Piracy and Counter-Piracy Cooperation in Southeast Asia (2000-2014)


START examined bilateral relationships and changing naval capabilities of the critical smaller powers in the region—Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore—to assess counter-piracy as an area in which United States and Chinese interests coincide and in which opportunities for partnership will smaller countries exist.  We drew piracy events from the Anti-shipping Activity Messages (ASAM), which tracks reports of piracy events from across the globe and compiles detailed descriptions to create a unified database of piracy activities based on geographic locations and timing.

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Stevenson, John, and Garett Tippin. 2015. "Piracy and Counter-Piracy Cooperation in Southeast Asia (2000-2014)." START, College Park, MD. July. http://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_PiracyCounterPiracySEAsia_ResearchBrief_July2015.pdf

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