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Reducing Terrorism through Situational Crime Prevention

Reducing Terrorism through Situational Crime Prevention


The theme of this volume is that situational prevention techniques that have proven successful against both traditional crimes and new cybercrimes are also effective in reducing terrorism, which is defined as crime with a political motive. Situational prevention involves altering environments either to block opportunities to commit terrorist attacks or to reduce cues motivating potential terrorists to commit such acts. The editors’ introduction asserts that, SCP should emerge as a significant approach to solving the problem of terrorism. Chapters in this volume include: Spatio-temporal modeling of insurgency in Iraq, by Shane D. Johnson and Alex Braithwaite; Reducing terrorism opportunities: a framework for foreign policy, by Graeme R. Newman; Fundamentals of company-level counterinsurgency, by David Kilkullen; EVIL DONE, by Rachel Boba; Bioterrorism: A situational crime prevention approach, by William R. Clark; Application of situational crime prevention to terrorist hostage taking and kidnapping: A case study of 23 Korean hostages in Afghanistan, Minwoo Yun; Preventing deadly encounters between law enforcement and American far-rightists, by Joshua D. Freilich and Steven M. Chermak; Situational crime prevention and non-violent terrorism: A soft approach against ideologically motivated tax refusal, by Roberta Belli and Joshua D. Freilich; Exploring parallels between situational crime prevention and non-criminological theories for reducing terrorist risk, by Joseph Clare and Frank Morgan; and, How to lose the war on terror: Lessons of a 30 year war in Northern Ireland, by Nick Ross.

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Freilich, Joshua D., and Graeme R. Newman. 2009. Reducing Terrorism through Situational Crime Prevention. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press. https://books.google.com/books/about/Reducing_Terrorism_Through_Situatio...

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