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Russian Aggression in Ukraine: Is There a Solution?


In the first 24 hours of October, Russian-backed militants violated the 2015 Minsk II ceasefire over 50 times in eastern Ukraine. This conflict is no closer to resolution, and further action by the United States and the European Union is essential. As current sanctions have failed to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine, the United States, in partnership with the European Union, needs to provide further lethal defensive weaponry, including Soviet-style antiaircraft technology and antitank missiles, and increase its military support and training to Ukraine. These actions will deter further aggression by Russia and provide leverage for Ukraine in future talks. The entire global community has a responsibility to undertake these actions to enforce international law and protect state sovereignty

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Rutter, Megan. 2016. "Russian Aggression in Ukraine: Is There a Solution?" International Affairs Review (2016). https://iar-gwu.org/2016/10/20/russian-aggression-in-ukraine-is-there-a-solution/

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