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A Tale of Two Caliphates


Chapters in this volume outline both endogenous explanations for the magnetic appeal of ISIL, as well as explanations that highlight the relative appeal of ISIL given exogenous factors, such as anti-Assad sentiment or the presence of porous borders in Turkey. This chapter spans the two, arguing specifically that ISIL’s appeal is based on a more compelling vision, operational menu, and strategy in the post-Arab Spring context relative to that of al Qaeda and its Associated Movement (AQAM). AQAM primed the global jihadist community to mobilize; ISIL has created a destination that is inspiring, accessible, and appropriate for the historical moment.

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Braniff, William and Ryan Pereira. 2014. "A Tale of Two Caliphates." Multi-Method Assessment of ISIL, a Strategic Multilayer Assessment White Paper (December). http://kronosadvisory.com/U_SMA.SOCCENT.White.Paper.Final.Dec2014.pdf​

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