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Trends in American Gun Ownership


Using data from 16 years of the General Social Surveys, Legault examines changes in HGO over time. A number of hypotheses to explain changes in HGO reporting are evaluated and tested including differential reporting by men and women (Gender Gap), changes in household makeup and population, the urbanization of America, and an actual reduction in overall firearms ownership. These hypotheses are tested using logistic regression, logistic fixed-effects models, and changing parameter models. Results of these tests imply that recent reductions in HGO may not be as pronounced as once thought, and are due to a complex interplay of a variety of demographic changes in the U.S. population.

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Legault, Richard. 2008. Trends in American Gun Ownership. New York, NY: LFB Scholarly Pub. https://catalog.princeton.edu/catalog/9955285963506421

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