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Validating Extremism: Strategic Use of Authority Appeals in al-Naba' Infographics


Daesh’s centralized media operations provide a steady stream of media products to citizens living in and around its controlled territories, with the result that several nations occupied or adjacent to the group have emerged as many of the most fruitful recruiting grounds for new members. To better understand the argumentation strategies targeting such audiences, this study examines the 119 infographics in the first 50 issues of Daesh’s official weekly Arabic newsletter, al-Naba’. The findings suggest that through a patterned application of statistical, historical, religious, and scientific arguments from authority to predictable topical areas, the infographics in al-Naba’ reinforce Daesh as a key source of information for the citizenry of the proclaimed caliphate.

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Winkler, Carol, Kareem el-Damanhoury, and Anthony Lemieux. 2018. "Validating Extremism: Strategic Use of Authority Appeals in al-Naba' Infographics." Journal of Argumentation in Context 7 (May): 33-71. http://www.jbe-platform.com/content/journals/10.1075/jaic.17014.win

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