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Publication Title Publication Date START Authorssort descending Type Research Areas Regions
Deterrence and Risk Preferences in Sequential Attacker–Defender Games with Continuous Efforts March 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Counterterrorism Global
A Three-Stage Evacuation Decision-Making and Behavior Model for the Onset of an Attack June 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Terrorism and Society, Resilience Global
Partner Selection in Disaster Relief: Partnership Formation in the Presence of Incompatible Agencies September 2017 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Resilience North America
Introductions to Adversary Behavior: Validating the Models April 2016 Zhuang, Jun; Bier, Vicki Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
Review of Kalyvas Logic of Violence in Civil War February 2007 Book Review
Review of Michael Barkun: A Culture Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America January 2006 Book Review
Open Source for Counterterrorism: Facilitating Inter-Agency Communication and Open Source Intelligence November 2006 Book Chapter
Review of Daniel Byman, Deadly Connections: States that Sponsor Terrorism January 2006 Book Review
Italy and the Red Brigades: The Success of Repentance Policy in Counterterrorism November 2006 Book Chapter
Review Essay: Deciphering Islamism and Terrorism May 2006 Book Review
Funneling Islamists to become Jihadis November 2010 Book Review
New information technologies in emergency management November 2006 Book Chapter
The Relationship Between Need for Closure and Support for Decisive Leadership, Readiness to Adapt, and Optimism about Safety When Threatened by Terrorism May 2006 Conference Paper
The Political Role of Associations November 2006 Book Chapter
Review Essay: Recent Publications on Islamism and Terrorism April 2006 Book Review
Families, Geography, and Terrorism in the Post-9/11 City: An Exploration of Place Alienation in New York January 2006 Journal Article
Global Terrorism and Democracy November 2006 Book Chapter
The Oklahoma City bombing November 2007 Book Chapter
Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus and Central Asia November 2006 Book Chapter
Terrorists' Motivations May 2006 Conference Paper
Ethnopolitical Violence and Terrorism in the Middle East November 2006 Book Chapter
Hiding in Plain Sight: 'Londonistan' as an Example of Islamist 'Bases' in the West November 2006 Book Chapter
Symbols and Embodiment November 2007 Book
Strategies for Incident Preparedness Planning Considerations for Complex Medical Events, 3rd Ed. November 2005 Book Resilience North America
Votes and Violence: Electoral Competition and Ethnic Riots in India November 2006 Book Review


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