A Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland

Global Terrorism Minor Program Application Form

Global Terrorism Minor Program Application Form

Complete the information below to apply for the Global Terrorism Minor Program for the Spring 2020 cohort.

Applications are due no later than: Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Your Name
Contact Information
University Information
This is the 9 digit number located on the front of your University ID card.
This is the string of letters and/or numbers that come before the @terpmail.umd.edu in your UMD email address.
Academic Background
Status for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
Note, once admitted to the program, you generally need at least three full semesters left at the University of Maryland in order to complete the Global Terrorism Minor. This does not include the semester in which you apply for admission.
Question #1
Question #2
Interests and Goals
Please list any particular interests you have within the field of terrorism studies. Interests may include specific terrorist groups, time periods, geographic regions, etc.
Please list any particular career interests here. Please note if you plan to pursue further study upon graduation from UMD.
Please list some of your extracurricular activities and interests.
Coursework Plan
The semester in which you will enroll in BSST327: Fall. Note: BSST327 is offered only in Fall semesters.
The semester in which you will enroll in BSST330: Fall. Note: BSST330 is offered only in Fall semesters.
The semester in which you will enroll in BSST 331: Spring. Note: BSST331 is offered only in Spring semesters.
The semester in which you will enroll in BSST 335. Note: BSST335 is offered only in Fall semesters.
The name and number of course you will take or have already taken to fulfill your Global Perspective Course requirement. The approved list of courses is available on the Global Terrorism Minor webpage here: http://start.umd.edu/education/global-terrorism-minor-program
The name and number of course you will take or have already taken to fulfill your BSST Elective course requirement. Please include a description of the course and list the semester taken/to be taken. If complete, please list grade as well.
Indicate when you intend to enroll in BSST386 and where you hope to intern. Please note, you can enroll in BSST386 in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Summer credits often result in additional charges per credit.
Supplementary Materials

The following materials must be submitted as a packet in one PDF file in this order:
1) One-Page Resume
2) Unofficial Transcript

*Recommendation letters must be submitted by the faculty members through the faculty recommendation form. Only one recommendation letter is required. Please send the faculty recommendation form link to your faculty recommender to submit the letter. Note that the undergraduate education coordinator and the undergraduate education director are not able to supply recommendations.

You must include all of these files to submit this application.  These files must be in Acrobat (.PDF) or MS-Word format (.DOC / .DOCX)

Submit Application

By entering my initials into the box below and entering by name and the date, I am digitally signing this document. In doing so, I acknowledge that I understand that if accepted to the Global Terrorism Minor I must:

  • Complete all core courses with a C- or better;
  • Complete at least ONE (1) core course before enrolling in BSST 386;
  • Have at least THREE (3) whole semesters remaining at the University of Maryland; and
  • Inform the Education Team at START (via education@start.umd.edu) if I add any additional minor while completing the Global Terrorism Studies program. If while pursuing another minor irreconcilable scheduling conflicts arise, neither program is obligated to make an exception or provide an alternative course of action to resolve the scheduling issue.

Failure to sign this document is grounds for refusal of admittance into the Terrorism Studies Minor program. If accepted into the minor, violating any of these terms is grounds for removal from the program.